I make small wonders for wise, creative, adventurous souls.


Feeling a later-in-life pull to create a personal body of work, I embraced jewelry design in 2015 as a compliment to my graphic design work. Helping companies and organizations engage their audience and share their magic is rewarding, but I wanted to practice my own aesthetic to its own end.

To engage in physical work, to get my hands dirty, to make people feel creative, beautiful and interesting.

The small and intimate scale of jewelry appeals to me—something to hold in my hand, to turn over, to imagine the possibilities of the small parts scattered on my studio table. As an avid cook, perhaps it was the similar scale of vegetables and the activity of chopping that made jewelry a natural fit.

Jewelry also requires a participant. To have to consider how a piece will fit, hang and even change when worn by someone other than myself is an appealing challenge. But it’s more than that; it’s about connection to someone you might not ever meet. It’s about the threads that connect and the story the wearer imbues into what I’ve made. Jewelry also involves a viewer, creating the potential for interaction and acting as an ice breaker.


When asked where I get my inspiration, I might point to forms, patterns and structures transformed by time and the elements, revealing flaws and marks. Their spontaneous and accidental beauty compels me to render them as small wearable sculpture. To create a new language that feels both familiar and surprising.

Mixed Materials

I started with sterling silver and now explore a variety of material.—wood, enamel, vintage electrical wire, leather, glass and polymer clay. My mind and hands are always hungry to discover and play. This keeps the work fresh and unexpected.

What Else?

I still work with clients, and lately have been busy designing surface patterns. Occasionally I do workshops for various organizations to help artists and makers brand and market their work. If you want to be notified about these, drop me a line. For photos of giant vegetables, pandemic baking, art and other non-jewelry stuff, visit my personal Instagram page.


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