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Presto Change-O Gemmy Ring. Polymer clay, magnets. Jane Pellicciotto

Battle of the Rings 2021

Seattle’s Danaca Design Studio is at it again with their second Battle of the Rings. This is an elimination-style competition pitting 64 juried rings against one another in a public voting extravaganza via Instagram.

As luck would have it, my Presto Change-O Gemmy Ring made it into the competition. I can’t decide if it’s more like a children’s toy block ring or a sideways double layer cake. Either way, the faceted “gemstone” shapes connect via magnets. You can wear just the gray central piece, add a little green or go for the gusto and wear them all. The perfect cocktail ring conversation piece.

You can see all Battle of the Rings entries and read the artist statements. Entries came from around the country and the globe. The level of creativity and technical skill is truly impressive. Jurors Cappy Counard and Kirk Lang had a tough job picking their favorites for the competition.

Here’s how it works:

›› First, head over to Instagram and follow Danaca Design Studio. You’ll need to do that if you want to vote.

›› Starting May 3, two rings in sets of three will go head-to-head. Look for Danaca’s green flower logo in Stories. You can only vote once for each set but you can view each set more than once.

›› If you want to read about the rings each day before voting, look in Danaca’s main feed for the artist statements.

›› That’s it. Each day there will be three sets of rings to vote on. Then we go to round 2 and so on until there’s one winner.

Let the best ring win!

P.S. Danaca Design Studio is the place to take jewelry making class in Seattle. Check out their class schedule.

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