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Pride and Prejudice Enamel Choker. Jane Pellicciotto
Enamel Wedge Necklace | sterling silver and enamel with text from ‘Pride and Prejudice” (SOLD)
Orvieto Necklace. Jane Pellicciotto
Orvieto Necklace | sterling silver with copper and vitreous enamel (SOLD)
Necklace by Jane Pellicciotto
Moss Agate Diptych | acrylic on paper, moss agate, sterling silver (SOLD)
Good Ombré Necklace. Jane Pellicciotto
Good Ombré Necklace | sterling silver, enamel on copper
Puddles Necklace | sterling silver with vitreous enamel on copper
Offset Enamel Pendant by Jane Pellicciotto. Vitreous enamel on copper and sterling silver
Offset Enamel Pendant | sterling silver and vitreous enamel on copper
Spore Print Necklace. Jane Pellicciotto
Spore Print Necklace | Sterling silver with vitreous enamel on copper (SOLD)
Bolla Necklace | sterling silver and bronze. Jane Pellicciotto
Bolla Necklace | sterling silver and bronze
Stars In Her Bones Pendant | driftwood, sterling silver, bronze
Pathway Necklace #1 | sterling silver and waxed linen cord
Fold Pendant by Jane Pellicciotto
Fold Pendant | textured sterling silver
Fragment Necklace | sterling silver. Jane Pellicciotto
Fragment Necklace | sterling silver
Four Pools Pendant by Jane Pellicciotto. Sterling silver.
Four Pools Pendant | sterling silver
Sterling silver hollow wedge pendant. Jane Pellicciotto
Bubble Pylon Necklace | sterling silver
Rhythm Necklace with Japanese glass beads in neutral tones. Sterling silver handmade toggle clasp. Jane Pellicciotto
Rhythm Necklace | Japanese glass beads and mixed metal closure
Totem pendant. Jane Pellicciotto. Sterling silver.
Totem Pendant | sterling silver
Seven Connections Necklace | Oxidized sterling silver with bronze on handmade chain (SOLD)
Between the Folds necklace. Jane Pellicciotto
Between the Folds Necklace | reversible, textured sterling silver and enamel folds
Sterling silver pendant with druzy quartz. Jane Pellicciotto
Folded Wedge with Druzy Quartz | textured sterling silver pendant with tab-set druzy quartz
Enamel on copper with sterling silver. Industrial-style necklace. Jane Pellicciotto
Orange and Teal Construction | sterling silver, copper, enamel, photography