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Flowerbox ring by Jane Pellicciotto
Flower Box Ring | sterling silver
Industrial style sterling silver ring with petrified palm wood
Palm Wood Ring | sterling silver and prong-set petrified palm wood
Industrial style sterling silver and ice blue druzy ring / Jane Pellicciotto
Ice Druzy Tile Ring | Sterling silver and ice blue druzy quartz
Tectonic Ring in sterling silver. Jane Pellicciotto
Tectonic Ring | sterling silver
Flutter Ring by Jane Pellicciotto
Flutter Ring | sterling silver, enamel on copper
Nested boxes ring. Sterling silver. Jane Pellicciotto
Cubes Squared Ring | sterling silver
Bark rings. Layered, textured sterling silver. by Jane Pellicciotto
Bark Ring | sterling silver
Sprouts ring. Sterling silver. by Jane Pellicciotto
Sprouts Ring | sterling silver
Brazilian white quartz druzy ring with sterling silver and golden bronze. Jane Pellicciotto
Bi-Metal White Druzy Ring | sterling silver, bronze
Terrazzo Ring. Statement ring with hollow textured boxes in sterling silver and bronze. Cubes. Architectural. Jane Pellicciotto
Terrazzo Ring | sterling silver, bronze
River Ring by Jane Pellicciotto
River Ring | sterling silver and fused gold dust
Stratum Ring. Jane Pellicciotto
Stratum Ring | layered and textured sterling silver strips