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Maker’s Studio Holiday Pop-Up

Buying handmade local items is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do you have a product infused with more soul and love than something made in a factory in distant lands, but you become part of a web of local goodness. You help keep dollars circulating where you live.

There are so many holiday pop-ups in the area, but here’s one you can visit over and over and find something new each time.

The Makers Studio is a unique holiday pop-up shop featuring over 70 local makers. Each week for 6 weeks (November 17–December 24) the shop will feature a new selection of locally made art, ceramics, crafts, clothing, bags & totes, home goods, jewelry, woodworks, health & beauty items, and more!

Each week, you can shop Wednesday–Sunday from 9 am–2 pm. On Friday and Saturday nights each week there will be one special event such as a workshop, tasting or demo.

Follow @makersunionpdx on Instagram for up-to-date details.

Location: Lonesome Pictopia, 820 N. Russell St., Portland, OR

When: Wednesday–Sunday 9–2, November 17–December 24 (Fridays and Saturdays 6–8 pm)

My jewelry will be there December 8–12

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